Our Philosophy

Our mission is to meet the dental needs of our patients with a high level of excellence, integrity and information to assist them in maintaining their dental health and smile for a lifetime. Our priority is to help patients achieve their dental goals as it relates to their overall heatlh and wellness.

The dental services  we provide are: examinations, oral diagnosis and treatment plans, oral hygiene maintenance  (including periodontal evaluations and cleanings), emergency dental care, oral surgery (simple extractions), restorative (work to repair decayed, broken or stained teeth with tooth-colored fillings, buildups, crowns, and veneers) and prosthodontics (to restore missing teeth with fixed or removable, full and partial dentures, bridges, implant restorations). 

Dr. Perkins works with other dental and medical specialists, when a team approach is best to insure that the patient's overall medical/dental health issues are addressed. Bio-compatibility testing resource materials and referrals are available.

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